In the Liquids 1.0 series, Evita Andújar’s work deepens the possibilities of her painting to create visual stimuli. An explicit conception of the individual and the everyday are presented, along with a sense of pictorial speed both fleeting and distinctly intimate. A form of subtle vibration is achieved: something very brief and something very close come up to meet us.
The artist’s declared starting point is the everyday media we are exposed to, and the individual’s feeling of disorientation. Apparently static pictures reveal a latent desire for transformation; a deeper examination of the individual is at work.
The individual vibrates, moves, risks losing their very presence and identity. With its continuous and incessant flow of data and anarchic dynamics, the web invades our personal life. Communication towers over identity.
The changes introduced are transforming the concept of time, and information now moves at a new speed. Solid information is no more – only the liquid remains of what was.
Our life is characterised by the compulsive obsession with things to see, do and know; it has been transformed by the internet. It has, perhaps, been transformed into internet.
The world seems to be dissolving and yet it remains; it resists; it vibrates in its astonishment and so moves closer to the onlooker, the ordinary, possibly distracted, possibly stunned passerby.
This work responds by liquefying in its turn: shifting, revealing to us the effects of a certain feeling about life, the world and the fleeting nature of things.

Fabrizio Pizzuto

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