“A world suspended between memory and the future; a style of painting in which sedimented, internal time is bound up with the contemporary dynamism of electronic perceptions; a vision where form is impeded and lost in a constant dialectic between the millennial stasis of the image and its contemporary acceleration: these are the coordinates along which Evita Andújar’s work moves, a space in which painting is both condensed and dissolved in a system of construction where opposites come together and separate in a perennial, circular impulse.
Evita Andújar is never afraid to take on the challenge of colour and tackles it with great intelligence, employing vibrant tones and contrast to give life to paintings in which the palette’s intensity and the juxtaposition of pure colour become the instruments of considered, coherent action. This is work which makes use of the – apparently calm – iconographic apparatus of bourgeois existence in order to radically change its meaning.
Within the confines of this uncertain space, Andújar has constructed the roving, open fabric of her oeuvre, broadening its scope to reach a new frontier, one where the metamorphosis of her painting brushes the limits of abstraction without ever removing the iconic presence of things themselves, in a difficult and subtle balancing act between vitality and nostalgia, loss and return: a vortex in which scales, toaster and cups unravel in a breath of wind and a mysterious dusting of colour and light.
The shared moments, experiences and objects of everyday life are painted by the artist in such a way as to initially display their solidity and stability, in the static nature of images which are then deconstructed and shaken up by a kind of whirlwind passing through their chromatic material, an act of de-composition which actively dialogues with gestural abstraction and a Baconesque mould. However, this quality is expressed through a more intimate gaze, one in which the metaphorical retelling of family dramas does not reach a tragic dimension, but unveils the invisible conflicts and tragic secrets of daily existence in order to find, through painting, a new equilibrium between feeling and event, between escape and return, on the border between reality and representation.”

Lorenzo Canova

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