BOCS ART, Liquids 7
Fluidity and suspended speed are the keys to understanding Evita Andújar’s practice. A “Liquid” project, which takes on a new dimension as part of the Bocs Art residency, and involves the artist transposing the notion of liquidity from the canvas to architecture for the first time – and then finally to herself, with a closing performance piece that also uses paint as its primary medium. The whole is a truly three-dimensional work of pictorial art.

LIQUIDS 7: A PERFORMANCE (performative painting installation)
The performance unfolds inside the Bocs Art, the facade of which has previously been subjected to several phases of painting by the artist beforehand, giving the impression that the architecture itself is liquefying.
Added to which, a layer of paint with seemingly incongruous, flesh-coloured patches has been applied to the back of the ground-floor windows, while on the outside a large pool of black spreads over the pavement.
The performance starts with the artist herself coming down the stairs at the back of the Bocs very slowly, eyes down, wearing a long black dress.
Having reached the lower level she stops and looks at the audience, then moves decisively towards the window and leans on it.
At this point the viewer has their final impression of the now complete piece.
As in her paintings, figure and setting feel the weight of a voracious and compulsive society in which there are no longer any solid foundations, only the liquid remains of what once was.
The patches become her very flesh, liquefying along with the dress and the rest of the architectural structure. She is still for a few moments, then slowly makes her way to the door.

Carmelo Cipriani

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