BLUE considers the process of mutation a landscape’s originating primer undergoes, reinterpreting and reshaping multiple locations with atavistic stratifications which are the outcome of alternating crossovers, separations and power games. All of this ‘becoming landscape’, a residue of great richness and abandon, is transmuted into a life force. This is a profound, primordial landscape made up of seas, parks, reserves and uninhabited areas of the planet, one become grown and held together only by the conflicting presence/absence binary of any commonplace human activity.
‘Blu’ opposes the cognitive and perceptual shifts of different cultures and ideas, retelling the real through a series of impulses, visions and stories.
How to express a landscape of feeling? Filtered through the emotions of every artistic being, never scattered like ashes to the sea, it is given due recognition in the moment when the work rises up to new life as its perceptual and temporal dimensions meld together. As a whole the project constitutes a unique approach to the making of art in a space which is both fractured and yet united by the multiple languages of a multicultural society.

Costabile Guariglia

Liquids 5. A single heart of fire uniting the whole / Energy shared between Man and nature / Male and female. Earth, wind, fire and water / Arteries which eternally renew their ties / One is everything: religion.

Evita Andújar

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